​​​​​​​Athalaia Gráfica – HP SmartStream Mosaic
[2016 | Brasília]

— The print and publishing company Athalaia wanted to connect with its current and prospective customers to promote its graphic services, with an emphasis on the new, exclusive HP SmartStream Mosaic technology. This newly-acquired technology allows the generation of thousands of graphical combinations from a single print through scaling, transpositions and rotations.
We have developed a promotion kit that explores the new graphic possibilities of this technology and connects the company to its customers by inviting them to create. The kit consists of a notebook (each cover is stamped with a unique combination), a mini-card deck of brainstorming tools, a poster and a card.
Featured at 12th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennal - 2017

Design / Creative Direction: Akemi Kanegusuku, Giovani Mariani, Gleydson Lima
Print Production: Athalaia Gráfica e Editora
: Alessandra Cavendish
Photography: Akemi Kanegusuku

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