Babalong is a Brazilian fashion brand that loves to remix multicultural influences in their party rocking–unconventional–yet pretty classy prints. The designs are inspired by the travel stories of Debora Alencar and her brother, Heitor Alencar. Baba's first collection is a shout out to their Brazilian roots, featuring patterns that portray the country's prettiness from tropical fruits to modern architecture.

For its brand identity we crafted a bold, well humoured and flexible visual system through the contrast between an elegant black and white basis and all sorts of multicolored graphics such as icons, stickers and letterings. We were inspired by Emojis, ironic Kitsch art, candies your dentist doesn't recommend and vernacular typography from Brazil.
Design/Creative direction Akemi Kanegusuku, 
Giovani Mariani, Lucas Silveira​​​​​​​
Print designs Kim Kurosawa
Photography Heitor Alencar
Coordination Alessandra Cavendish

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