Rubato Chocolate Bar
design — Akemi Kanegusuku, Giovani Mariani, Lucas Silveira & Luiz Jales
planning — Alessandra Cavendish

From bean to bar, Rubato is a Brazilian factory, laboratory and chocolate school that has at its core the inherited will of exploration, as the experience along the process. The product is a result of careful, fair-trade manufacturing processes, respecting suppliers, ingredients and the environment.
The relationship between elements and the confectioner exists through practice, technical development with the imagination. By the pleasure of artifice it creates and expresses the maker poetics, producing the new based on the open exploration of the elements.
In order to express their restless, poetic and multidisciplinary creative process, we've designed a visual system based on the equivalence of meaning between ingredients, sounds, words and graphics, all of which are rooted in old records, Brazilian culture of everyday life and of course, the varied mix of local ingredients with cocoa.
Rubato means "to rob" — Italian rubare being that in music, it means a rhythmic variation, a subtle manipulation that deviates the strict underlying rhythm, born from an improvisation style used in jazz that allows a poetic connection between the author and the work.
The meanings equivalence seeks references in the daily life of these interpreters and the geographical space — a system of objects and actions — that permeate the factory production, from the Brazilian biomes to the counter.

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